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Architectural Specifications

          Low Energy Operators shall:
           1. Conform to ANSI/BHMA A156.19 as a low energy power opening device
           2. Be listed under UL228, UL325, UL10B, UL10C, UBC 7.2 and FCC listed
           3. Shall be non-handed
           4. Be rated for door panels weighing up to 350 lbs (160 kg)
           5. Include a 3/16 horsepower, permanent-magnet DC motor
           6.  Include a manual door closer within the Low Energy Operator adjustable to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
            5lbs opening force [Push-Side applications only]
           7. Be isolated from mounting plate with rubber mounts to mitigate the transmission of forces between the door and operator
           8. Incorporate a position encoder to communicate with the microprocessor controller
           9. Incorporate a resetable powered operation counter that tracks both powered and non-powered cycling of the Operator
          10. Incorporate the following adjustable settings:
            i. Hold Open Timer, to 28 seconds
            ii. Open Speed
            iii. Backcheck Speed
            iv. Vestibule Sequence Timer
          11. Include DIP switch controls as follows:
            i. On board diagnostics
            ii. Power close
            iii. Push and Go operation
            iv. Time delay logic for electrified hardware components
          12. Include terminals for auxiliary controls as follows:
            i. Activation devices; provide two discrete inputs
            ii. Vestibule sequencing
          13. Include Control switches as follows:
            i. Day/Night/Hold-Open
            ii. Power On-Off, illuminated
          14. Include hydraulic closer with R-14 Aluminum Alloy body
          15. Function as a standard door closer with adjustable spring force size 1 thru 6 for non-powered operation.
          16. Include adhesive Low Energy Operator mounting templates

          Technical Details

                     Control Box    Conduit Access
                                    (Typical 1 of 9)
                                                  and Cams
                                                               (Non-handed)  Vibration Isolation
                                                                            (Typical 1 of 4)



                                                                D-4550 Non-handed
                                                                door closer
            Close up of switch face
            (shown on opposite side)

            8          Low Energy Operator D-4990
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