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Typical System Applications

          D-4990 Low Energy Operator with PUSH–PULL
          Operation –                                                   115VAC
          •  Free ingress & egress using low energy operator or bypassing the operator and
           using door manually
          •  Door operator acts as standard door closer when entering or exiting manually
          Material –
          •  Precision Low Energy Operator
          •  2 Precision Door Actuators or Push and Go
          •  Local Power
          D-4990 Low Energy Operator with Concealed Mag Lock for
          Glass Door Applications
          Operation –
          •  Free entry when security system is shunted or off
          •  Entry after hours by card reader, which unlocks & activates low energy
           operator                                                                   PUSH–PULL
          •  Free egress at all times by touching push bar or using inside actuator, which de-energizes
           mag lock and activates low energy operator
          Material –
          •  Precision Low Energy Operator
          •  Electromagnetic Shear Lock and Power Supply (PS)
          •  Electrified Pivot                                    115VAC
          •  Touch Bar Sensor Kit (TBSK) by others PUSH–PULL set
                                                                           PS  TIE
          •  Terminal Interface Enclosure (TIE)
          •  BEST Card Reader
          •  Precision Actuators
          D-4990 Low Energy Operator with Vestibule                                                           Card
          Operation –                                                                                         Reader
          •  When exit device is dogged low energy operator can
           be activated by external actuator
          •  When exit device is locked (Not Dogged) all actuators are disabled
           (Ex: After hours at a school or library)
          •  Recommended dual vestibule actuator will re-open internal or external doors
           (Ex: Student waiting for parent pick-up)
          Material  –
          •  2 Precision Low Energy Operators                                   Magnetic Lock for Glass Door
          •  2 Precision Actuators (Internal, External)
          •  1 CL2388 Precision Dual Vestibule Push
           Plate (Recommended)
          •  Optional Precision Interior Vestibule Actuator
          •  Precision Exit Device with Cylinder Dogging
          •  Stanley Power Transfer Hinge
          •  1 Precision Exit Dummy Trim


            6          Low Energy Operator D-4990
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