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General Information
          Access Controls – The D-4990 Low Energy Operator may be used with electric latch retraction exit devices, electric strikes, and other
          electric locking systems. A time delay function is built into the control system eliminating the need for supplemental relays or controls.
          Activation – The D-4990 Low Energy Operator can be activated with the press of a switch. Virtually any form of “knowing act” can be
          used to initiate the operator making integration with existing systems easier. For the full line of activation devices that Precision hardware
          offers see page 10.
          Push and Go Option – With the flip of a switch, the D-4990 Low Energy Operator can be configured to activate and open based on a
          slight movement of the door. Utilizing this option eliminates the need for supplemental activation devices but does not preclude their use.
          Hold-Open Timer – Upon receipt of an activation signal, the operator will power open the door from the closed position. The door may
          be held in the open position up to 28 seconds (compliance with ANSI/BHMA A156.19 requires the door to remain in the open position for
          a 5 second minimum). Additionally, a “hold-open” switch is provided to hold the door open for extended periods.
          External Function Switches – The D-4990 Low Energy Operator is equipped with external function switches providing basic controls.
          •   Illuminated Power Switch – Illuminated to be visible at night, the switch controls power to the operator motor. The D-4990 Low
           Energy Operator functions as a manual closer with power off.
          •  Mode Control Switch – A three function switch is provided for control of the powered function of the operator. “Day” mode will
           engage the operator for normal powered operation with activation by push plate, “Push and Go”, or signal from other “knowing
           act” device. “Night” mode disables the operator for normal powered operation; however, the operator can be configured to receive
           activation signals from a secure activation device such as a card reader for secure activation, generally from one side. Switching to “Hold-
           Open” mode will power the operator opening the door, holding it open indefinitely.
          Obstruction Detection – During the opening cycle an obstruction function effectively reduces the possibility of personal injury in
          accordance with A156.19. Additionally this feature prevents damage to door and/or surrounding structures. After a stall time-out, the
          door will close at a rate and force set by the integrated hydraulic closer.
          Power-Close Option – This switched feature can be used to control exterior openings that require additional closing force to resist
          interior stack pressures and wind conditions that do not allow the door to close properly. Use this feature to reduce heating and cooling
          loss and save energy and money.
          D-4990 Door Closer –
          •  Adjustment – The D-4990 Low Energy Operator (which incorporates the Heavy Duty D-4550 Stanley Door Closer) provides the
           industry’s widest range of field adjustable spring power settings. This allows you to adjust the operator for the correct opening and
           closing forces to meet any specific application. The closer within the D-4990 Low Energy Operator also incorporates multiple regulating
           valves, including the V-Slotted Valve Regulation, which maximizes fine tune adjustment capabilities.
          •  Door Closer Body – The incorporated D-4550 Stanley Door Closer body is constructed of R-14 Aluminum Alloy providing wear
           resistance from contact with the piston during the opening and closing. In addition the R-14 Aluminum Alloy body holds the Cylinder
           Body dimensionally stable under extreme internal hydraulic pressures.
          Internal Cycle Counter – The D-4990 Low Energy Operator comes equipped with two independent internal cycle counters. The cycle
          counters provide current data on manual and powered operations.
          Vestibule Function – Each D-4990 Low Energy Operator is equipped with a vestibule function control. This field selectable function
          provides electronic sequencing to control the opening of doors within a vestibule application. Sequencing reduces exposure to the exterior
          elements. Controlling the opening sequence of a paired vestibule, provides convenience and saves energy to the facility.
          Optional Power Supply – The optional PS-490 24VDC @ 0.5A power supply is available to provide power to auxiliary
          electrified hardware such as electric strikes. This optional power supply can be mounted within the D-4990 Low Energy
          Operator housing.

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